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What is News Impact?

News Impact offers free media innovation events and trainings. The programme is organised by the European Journalism Centre and powered by the Google News Initiative. We bring together international media experts and local news communities to focus on new technology, tools, and methods that can improve the way journalists cover their stories and work in the newsroom.

Technology is transforming media consumption, delivery, partnerships, ethics and experimentation. From mobile devices becoming a primary news source to the increased use of data in reporting, drastic changes in advertising revenue, and the rise of online video and live streams — each advance has presented as many opportunities as challenges.

News Impact Summits

The Summits connect editors, newsroom managers, journalists, product specialists, designers, developers, and J-school students with new ideas, tools, and methods. Each Summit provides a full immersion into a specific topic through presentations, ignite talks, fireside chats, hands-on workshops, and other collaborative sessions.

News Impact Summits are free-of-charge and mostly organised in different European cities. From 2020 - 2021, due to the pandemic, the Summits took place online, live, on YouTube. These events provide an opportunity to meet, network, learn, and get inspired by other media professionals, startups, academics, as well as experts from other industries.

Since 2014, the European Journalism Centre has organised 34 News Impact Summits. The Summits have inspired communities of journalists and media organisations in 27 cities in 18 countries across Europe and the Middle East, featuring 400+ speakers from leading international news organisations. In 2020 and 2021, during the pandemic, we hosted 5 Summits online to an international audience of over 1500+ journalists, editors, freelancers, and students.

News Impact Academy

The News Impact Academy kicked off in 2017 to connect, support and train digital innovators from European newsrooms. This series of workshops offers participants the opportunity to unleash their creativity and learn new ways to face some of the most pressing challenges in the journalism industry. The goal is to provide journalists and editors-in-chief with the necessary leadership skills by connecting them with each other and giving them tools to scale their ideas. The News Impact Academy is currently taking a break.

More information at newsimpact.io/academy

News Impact Network

In 2018, News Impact added a new initiative to complement Summits and Academies: the News Impact Network. The programme has provided mentorship opportunities as well as a peer-to-peer support network to previous Academy participants. Selected members were organised in teams around a specific topic related to journalism innovation and engaged in a year-long conversation with the goal of approaching together potential solutions.


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Any questions about News Impact? Contact us at info@newsimpact.io

Ejc Trans New

The European Journalism Centre is an international non-profit headquartered in the Netherlands, working to support, strengthen and develop journalism. Our mission is to strengthen the resilience of European journalism and progressive media by connecting journalists and media to new ideas, nurturing communities, making available a wide range of unique experiences, providing grants and skills development, and producing resources and training affordable or for free. Our aim is that every journalist and news organisation shall benefit from an EJC programme or initiative.

Google News Initiative

We collaborate with the news industry to build a stronger future for journalism through products, partnerships and programs. The future of journalism depends on all of us working together. More at g.co/newsinitiative and discover our training centre at g.co/newstraining.