News Impact Academy

The News Impact Academy offers professional training for the European news industry.

What is the News Impact Academy?

Our academy provides media professionals with an opportunity to become innovation leaders within their news organisations. During our two-day trainings in different European cities, we develop leadership skills and provide the tools needed to scale ideas. We encourage collaboration within the community to overcome the challenges that the news industry is facing.

The News Impact Academy is organised by the European Journalism Centre and powered by the Google News Initiative.

In 2019, we ran three editions:

#1 Diversify your Revenue Streams - 9, 10 July in Lisbon, Portugal
#2 Newsroom Leadership
- 26, 27 September in Copenhagen, Denmark
#3 What Analytics Matter in 2019? - 21, 22 October in Bucharest, Romania

We carefully select 20 participants from different types of news organisations from across Europe. The selection procedure takes into account the candidate's training aspirations against the main topic of the Academy, as well as other criteria like geography, background, organisation, and the skill-set of the applicant. All media professionals working in news organisations in Europe* are eligible to apply.

What does the programme offer?

  • Hands-on sessions to learn how to apply user-centered methodologies in the newsroom
  • Roundtables to define newsroom challenges and explore potential solutions
  • Ask Me Anything sessions and ignite talks with top innovation leaders
  • Networking events to connect with fellow digital innovators
  • Strategy development to return to your newsroom with a concrete plan

Is the News Impact Academy for you?

The academy is for media professionals who are looking for training and guidance to face the current challenges of the news industry. We welcome all creative minds who want to contribute to building a resilient and innovative future for journalism.

Our community consists of editors-in-chief, audience development managers, business developers, journalists, marketing assistants, product owners, digital editors, founders, and so on. All media professionals working in news organisations in Europe* are eligible to apply.

Key benefits for media professionals:

Here are several reasons to apply for a place on our programme:

  • Meet and learn from leading global innovators who have redesigned newsrooms and merged journalism with tech
  • Discover and master design methodologies that solve everyday challenges
  • Develop leadership skills to help you get things done in your newsroom
  • Explore your topic of expertise with peers from different countries
  • Learn how other industries approach innovation

Key benefits for news organisations:

Our participants acquire skills and develop strategic plans to drive innovation in their news organisations:

  • Build capacity in your organisation to test new ideas quickly
  • Bring in new critical perspectives for product development
  • Make connections and develop business opportunities
  • Benefit from free** professional development training for your staff
  • Create innovation evangelists without needing to restructure
  • Increase staff motivation and retention through career development
  • “Level-up” promising and aspiring leaders

How to apply?

Our programme for 2019 has come to an end.

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*In this context, the definition of "European" includes the 47 Council of Europe Member States

**There is no charge to attend the academy. We have several allowances to cover travel and accommodation for news organisations that don’t have a professional development budget.

Further information:
If you have any further questions, email us:


News Impact Academy 2019

9 - 10 July 2019

Diversify your Revenue Streams

21 - 22 October 2019

What Analytics Matter in 2019?

News Impact Academy 2018

27 - 28 June 2018

Community Engagement

17 - 18 October 2018

Product Development

5 - 6 November 2018

Membership Models

Meet our participants

Megan Lucero

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Thomas Seymat


Marie-Louise Timcke

Funke Mediengruppe

Mar Cabra

Formerly at ICIJ

Matilde Giglio

Compass News

Matej Praprotnik

RTV Slovenija

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